2022-05-18 11:32

The quality of electroplating products is directly related to the quality of hardware products. We usually have two ways of electroplating the hardware accessories of handbags, bags and bags, take it to an electroplating plant, wash it with potassium permanganate, and then hang it one by one for electroplating, so that the surface of the product is smooth and bright. The other method is called barrel plating. The product germ of barrel plating is directly plated after the surface of the product is brightened and the rough edges are cleaned by shock machine. The plating procedure is completely different from hanging plating. It is to put more than one product into a big VAT and roll it up, roll up the electrical quality to do a good job must be copper sulfate bottom electric thickness, so that the handbag bag hardware accessories surface brightness to the next step coloring. But the surface effect is not to achieve the hanging plating effect, this is because the embryo of the process polishing and electroplating process of different product grade effect. Handbag hardware accessories in addition to electroplating important links and how to maintain long-term use can not fade this is sealing oil, another called “Rack”is the plating of good product surface layer with a layer of protection oil. How can we tell if the oil is sealed or not? One is to touch the surface without leaving fingerprints because of the sweat on the hands, leaving fingerprints is definitely not sealed with oil. The other is that we look at the thickness of the surface of the handbag, bag and hardware accessories, the surface of the sealed oil products will be a little thicker, a layer of protective film on the surface, the product will not scratch, and not sealed oil products gently scratch will be exposed in the plating layer. To want high-quality accessories, handbags, bags and hardware accessories can do rust-proof acid.