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Quality policy:
Customer first, top quality;
Lean regeneration, continuous improvement;

Customer first - focus on customer needs, focus on customers, serve customers;
First-class quality - pursuing the peak quality, constantly developing and creating first-class;
Lean regeneration - relying on exquisite craftsmanship, excellence, efficient circulation;
Continuous improvement - driven by high goals, never satisfied, and then peak;

Quality goal:
1) Customer satisfaction ≥95%;
2) One pass pass rate ≥98%;
3) Metal recovery rate Ni≥97%, Co≥97%, Mn≥95.5%, Li≥70%;
4) Contract performance rate is 100%;
5) Number of major safety accidents 0;

Product quality is the life of the company, and customer satisfaction is the pursuit of the company. Under the guidance of the quality policy of "customer first, quality first, lean regeneration, continuous improvement", we started from the market and relyed on the market to establish the quality of Bangpu from the market to the market. The guarantee system strictly controls all aspects of the products from project design to market, ensuring that our products can meet the quality requirements, adapt to market demands and meet customer needs.
We have been bringing the very best products to our customers all over the world for more than 26 years.
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